Seriously, banks? Obvious website security issues at major US banks

Of all the websites you visit you probably assume your bank’s is setting the security bar. Well… Google publicly announced last year they would begin sunsetting SHA-1 support in Google Chrome, the green lock icon you’d expect to see on your bank’s website might start turning white, orange, or red depending on how out of date their […]

Google Tag Manager dataLayer.get()

I wanted to use reuse data stored in our Google Tag Manager dataLayer variable and finally found an obscure slideshow reference on how to to actually do just that. google_tag_manager[“GTM-XXXX”].dataLayer.get(‘key’); If you’re using Google Tag Manager you’ll already have the var dataLayer = [{}]; setup on the page. You’re presumably using dataLayer.push() to populate it […]


The Sr. Web Designer role will be a front-end and PHP developer heavy, WordPress experience necessary kind of job where you’ll work directly with WordPress VIP ( to build sites for our brands (Chrysler Capital, Maserati Capital, RoadLoans, Santander Consumer USA, and more) in addition to building our core websites where customers can pay their […]

Is a Nest worth the money?

One year ago I bought a Nest thermostat. Out of the need to justify the $250 cost to my wife, I analyzed one year with and one year without the Nest. Below are my findings. How to read this graphic: Compared July 2011 thru July 2012 to July 2012 thru JUly 2013 I extracted the […]

Local, Dev, Staging, Production WordPress Workflow

I just wanted to share real quickly (because I’m pretty stoked) that after months (really, years) of development I finally have what I consider a professional workflow for WordPress development. Below is a graphical representation of what takes place. But it breaks down to this (with Git, but can easily be accomplished with SVN as […]

Vote & Verb Denton

A dual announcement post… #1: Vote Denton A group of developers, designers, & Denton enthusiasts got together less than a month ago to discuss the problem of local voter turnout, lack of education, and lack of accessibility to that education. I’m a prime example. I’ve never voted in local elections and never paid much attention to […]

Settling the WordPress Absolute vs Relative URL Debate

WordPress is somewhat notorious for using absolute URLs in its linking to images and other posts within content. Many have argued for both sides. It’s quite simple for me: relative URLs are easier for development, absolute URLs are smarter for live websites. There’s a compromise to be had. WordPress should add these shortcodes to core: […]

We all started somewhere, right?

This is a humbling experience. I was inspired to compile these because of @justintadlock‘s tweet. I went back to, the birthplace of my HTML debut. I built all my websites from 2002ish to 2006 in Flash (which sounds like a REALLY long time now). My introduction to HTML and CSS coincided with open source […]

Theme revisions and WordPress cache busting

When you enqueue CSS or JS files WordPress will append the current WordPress version as a parameter … an attempt at cache busting. The process by which sites or servers serve content or HTML in such a manner as to minimize or prevent browsers or proxies from serving content from their cache. This forces the […]

WordPress network in multiple environments with a single database

Problem I needed a way in my multisite setup to have multiple environments that shared the same database, but used different domains. … each of those would point to the same database. This is easy to achieve in a standard WordPress install using define( ‘WP_HOME’, ‘’ ); and define( ‘WP_SITEURL’, ‘’ );. […]