ScribeScribe is a unique tool that allows online publishers to analyze and optimize their content on the fly. Traditional SEO tools don’t integrate so seamlessly with the creation of the content. That’s why its perfect for web writers, bloggers, affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs.

Scribe is a WordPress plugin combined with an API that allows you to tap into the content optimization service right from your WordPress interface.

The site was designed and built to be promote the Scribe service and and WordPress plugin. Together with Brian Clark of Copyblogger, we were able to put together something appealing.

Website: Scribe

Platform: WordPress

Scribe SEO Review

Kaleo Missions

Kaleo MissionsWhen I was asked to take part in building a site for Kaleo I was pretty excited because I’ve been personally affected by short-term mission trips which is what they help bring to life.

Not only is their ministry model unique, but so is their website. Once all the features are rolled out, visitors will be able to register for trips, pay online, and check their trip’s status with their account profile. Honestly, this has stretched me, but that’s always a good thing. Integrating that entire process isn’t entirely simple, but the outcome for the administrators as well as the user experience is well worth it.

Website: Kaleo Missions

Platform: WordPress

Denton Bible Church Media

Denton Bible Church MediaDenton Bible Church came to me in desperate need of replacing their existing media ministry website with over 4,000 products. It was nearly impossible to find the product you wanted to purchase.

Now, we’ve organized all of the content much more nicely, making the products easier to find and even easier to purchase.

We also added the ability to listen and watch sermons online, making the site a much better resource for everyone.

Hope you enjoy!

Website: Denton Bible Church Media

Platform: WordPress & Shopp

Design by: Pixelight Creative