Child Theme Inclusion in the WordPress Directory

Before you get too excited, child themes aren’t yet in the theme directory. That’s what this post is aimed at achieving though. For those unfamiliar with child themes, just take a look at this explanation of why and how to use them. Just this week I released two child themes for Hybrid. Obviously this is […] is Celebrating, possibly the biggest influence on the WordPress MU community, is celebrating the fact that they’ve created just about 100 plugins, themes, and videos specifically for WPMU. I’ve been an on-and-off-again user of their products and services and think they do a great job. I’ll most likely be using their resources a bit more in […]

Start of WordCamp Day 2

For those of you at WordCamp Dallas you don’t want to read all about it again, and for those of you not in attendance, you can watch what you want here: You’ll also be able to find details of the sessions on some of the people’s sites below. So, rather than bore you with […]

WordPress Tips 2009

I was looking through one of my old posts, Hardcore WordPress Tips, and realized just how outdated it is. It’s just one year old this week and already 5 of the 10 tips I would consider bad information. Most of the bad tips are simply because WordPress evolves so rapidly that there are better solutions […]

Better WordPress Search Needed

For a current client we are trying to improve the reliability of WordPress’ search engine. By default, WP sorts results by date. You could argue that this makes sense for a blog because the most relevant results may be the most recent, and WP obviously made that argument. Realistically, people want relevant results, no matter […]

WordPress Meetup Summary

Click here to check out The Dallas/Ft. Worth Area WordPress Meetup! This weekend I went to my first WordPress Meetup which was held in PD Johnson’s in Dallas. I wasn’t too sure of what to expect; the summary of the group made it seem like it would be pretty informal. It was. Everyone trickled in, […]

Awesome Plugin I Can’t Wait to Use

I’m pretty excited to implement a new plugin in my future sites. Sugarrae and Yoast came together and developed a plugin to customize the login, registration, and profile pages of WordPress which are usually all styled with the standard WP style. Check it out: Customize Your Community

Coming Soon: Premium WordPress Theme For Churches

Update: Checkout ChurchRoot for my WordPress themes for churches. I’ll be releasing a Premium theme (yeah, capital P) in the next few weeks, maybe a month or so even. It will be specifically tailored to the needs or desires of church websites. Although, the very same features it will include could easily be used for […]

Upgraded to WordPress 2.5

I’m all upgraded to the newest version of WordPress and I have to say – I like it. The coolest feature so far is the one-click plugin upgrade. It sure beats deactivating, downloading, unzipping, uploading, activating and finally configuring after 5-10 minutes of setup. Now, it takes seconds! It may take me a while to […]