Coming Soon: Premium WordPress Theme For Churches

Update: Checkout ChurchRoot for my WordPress themes for churches. I’ll be releasing a Premium theme (yeah, capital P) in the next few weeks, maybe a month or so even. It will be specifically tailored to the needs or desires of church websites. Although, the very same features it will include could easily be used for […]

Contest Prizes/Giveaways

All the time I see blogs offering prizes or giveaways for creating a theme, making a logo, or simply commenting. I’ve noticed that just about everyone of these contests offer an iPod shuffle as the grand prize – my guess is because its a iPod, but its cheap enough to give out and have people […]

More Develop Daly WordPress, Web Design, & SEO Resources

As part of my contribution to Lead Maverick, I keep a blog over there on web design related things. I have to decide to where my content is best suited – often times it is for both places. My Lead Maverick blog consists of some rich content that you’d probably be interested in so I […]

Upgraded to WordPress 2.5

I’m all upgraded to the newest version of WordPress and I have to say – I like it. The coolest feature so far is the one-click plugin upgrade. It sure beats deactivating, downloading, unzipping, uploading, activating and finally configuring after 5-10 minutes of setup. Now, it takes seconds! It may take me a while to […]

WordPress 2.5 Almost

WordPress is ramping up to launch version 2.5. Matt Mullenweg posted a screencast of what’s to come. I’m really liking the new gallery feature; still a little unsure about the interface, but I can’t make that judgment till I really use it.

Jared Rey Blog

Jared has been one of my good friends for a while, and when he started getting serious about photography he wanted a custom designed blog so he came to me. He actually had already put together a design he wanted to go with and just needed my help making it come to life. Included in […]

Web Design in Denton, TX

I live in Denton, TX (Corinth, TX to be exact, but who knows where that is?!). Denton is just 45 minutes north of Dallas and Fort Worth. Things in Denton have historically been quiet, rural, or at most, minimally suburban to the bigger 2 triangle counterparts, D and FW. Before I get to the web […]

Usability Tips: Remind Your Users

Even if you’ve got a great service with great features on your website, you aren’t guaranteed that everyone will use those features or even know what they are. So when it comes to engaging your users, you have to be proactive. Remind them of different things they can do. Suggest next steps and hold their […]

We’re Hiring A .net Programmer

The company I work for, Lead Maverick, is a growing startup. Currently, we have 7 employees and we’re looking to add another. We need a senior level (or at least very experienced) .net programmer.

Hardcore WordPress Tips

Update: See WordPress Tips 2009 for a new & improved list I’m not the first one to write a post that outlines major WordPress tips and tricks to implement into your WordPress site (or any kind of site for a number of these tips). Search engines will be much more proud to display your content […]