More Develop Daly WordPress, Web Design, & SEO Resources

As part of my contribution to Lead Maverick, I keep a blog over there on web design related things. I have to decide to where my content is best suited – often times it is for both places. My Lead Maverick blog consists of some rich content that you’d probably be interested in so I … Continue reading More Develop Daly WordPress, Web Design, & SEO Resources

Web Design in Denton, TX

I live in Denton, TX (Corinth, TX to be exact, but who knows where that is?!). Denton is just 45 minutes north of Dallas and Fort Worth. Things in Denton have historically been quiet, rural, or at most, minimally suburban to the bigger 2 triangle counterparts, D and FW. Before I get to the web … Continue reading Web Design in Denton, TX

Hardcore WordPress Tips

Update: See WordPress Tips 2009 for a new & improved list I’m not the first one to write a post that outlines major WordPress tips and tricks to implement into your WordPress site (or any kind of site for a number of these tips). Search engines will be much more proud to display your content … Continue reading Hardcore WordPress Tips