Backups, You Better Have ‘Em

I‘m sitting on my office floor right now because I just finished installing a new hard drive and I’m waiting for Windows to reinstall. A couple of weeks ago I noticed that when I booted up my computer I was getting a message that one of my two hard drives had failed, but everything was […]

I’m Thankful For WordPress

There’s a lot of things I’m thankful for: my family, my dog, a freelancer’s freedom, Christ. But as it pertains to my livelihood I’m particularly thankful for WordPress. Not only was WordPress my kick-start into standards-based web design, but it has since served as my primary CMS of choice. I don’t need to go into […]

Great Photography, If I Must Say So Myself

Last week I met up with an awesome photographer. I wanted some professional head shots — something I hadn’t been able to achieve with a web cam or a camera timer. Jared Hernandez has been a friend of mine for a while and I’ve been watching him improve his photography for years now and it’s […]

WordPress for Project Management

This is a call to all those interested in using WordPress as a project management tool. I’m certainly not alone in desiring similar functionality that existing project management tools offer, namely Basecamp. There’s been some attempts that are full on plugins, but they don’t quite fit the bill, and more importantly they’re out of date […]

Breaking News, Plugin Compatibility

I just noticed that sometime today pushed a plugin compatibility feature. No longer is plugin compatibility merely determined by the author, but it’s being crowd sourced which is a great idea. What do you think of it?

Child Theme Inclusion in the WordPress Directory

Before you get too excited, child themes aren’t yet in the theme directory. That’s what this post is aimed at achieving though. For those unfamiliar with child themes, just take a look at this explanation of why and how to use them. Just this week I released two child themes for Hybrid. Obviously this is […]

Kaleo Missions

When I was asked to take part in building a site for Kaleo I was pretty excited because I’ve been personally affected by short-term mission trips which is what they help bring to life. Not only is their ministry model unique, but so is their website. Once all the features are rolled out, visitors will […]

New Theme: Boxpulse for Hybrid

Another day, another theme. Whew…I’m worn out now, but I’ll give you the details before I take a break. This theme includes a template for using a full-width slider, a feature often asked for by the Hybrid community. Check out all the details and demo the theme at the Boxpulse page.

New Theme: WP Full Site for Hybrid

Just earlier today I wrote that I’d be releasing a new version of WP Full site. I got pretty excited afterward and got to work. Go on, check out the new WP Full Site, which is now a child theme of Hybrid.