ScribeScribe is a unique tool that allows online publishers to analyze and optimize their content on the fly. Traditional SEO tools don’t integrate so seamlessly with the creation of the content. That’s why its perfect for web writers, bloggers, affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs.

Scribe is a WordPress plugin combined with an API that allows you to tap into the content optimization service right from your WordPress interface.

The site was designed and built to be promote the Scribe service and and WordPress plugin. Together with Brian Clark of Copyblogger, we were able to put together something appealing.

Website: Scribe

Platform: WordPress

Scribe SEO Review

  • Dan Sherman

    That’s an odd bit of kismet. I was checking out Scribe while I found my way over to your Hybrid child theme, Boxpulse, from their forum in another tab… only to notice you did that design. Nice work on both.

    • Patrick Daly

      Glad you like ‘em. Enjoy!

  • Ash Blue

    Interesting, I bumped into this earlier this month, but haven’t had a chance to try it.

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