Add Notes to Google Analytics

It wasn’t until today that I thought it would be really nice to add notes to Google Analytics. For example, on a specific date I could make a note, “Changed background color.” From now on I’ll have an easily accessible record of site changes and be able to see how traffic was affected. Well, I […]

Switch to HostGator Proves They’re Awesome

Ten days ago I announced my switch from MediaTemple to HostGator hosting because things were very slow. So check this out. Google Webmaster Tools fills you in on some metrics related to Google’s crawling of your site. Here’s what I found: Time spent downloading a page (in milliseconds) Notice that huge drop off towards the […]

mindIT SEO Campaign

In November mindIT contacted me to help them improve online traction. They’re a small IT company in Dallas – great guys with a great business. Google needed to hold up their end of the deal — finding the best IT companies in Dallas! Sadly, mindIT was lost amongst “the rest”. Unfortunately, Google doesn’t really show […]

Better WordPress Search Needed

For a current client we are trying to improve the reliability of WordPress’ search engine. By default, WP sorts results by date. You could argue that this makes sense for a blog because the most relevant results may be the most recent, and WP obviously made that argument. Realistically, people want relevant results, no matter […]

SEO & WordPress Tips – 3

Google’s SEO Starter Guide – Just released; a good read for all beginners Advanced WordPress Optimization – Ten PHP and MySQL changes to speed up & secure your site WordPress 2.7 “Trailer” – Short video about the new 2.7 interface Writing Good Content – Guide to creating well written content Best WordPress Plugins – Several […]

My Favorite Websites

Nearly everyday (or at least multiple times a week) I visit this list of websites. The list is tailored to web design, SEO, & WordPress related sites. I’ve gained much knowledge from the authors and contributors of these sites and I owe much debt. If you’re interested in any of the things I do for […]

SEO & WordPress Tips – 1

Social Media Release Builder – Easy SMR creation and hosting Reputation Management Theory – My YOUmoz post discussing singular vs. pluralistic link networks How to Use Google Analytics Segementation – Easy startup guide to using Analytics’ New Features Unpersonalize Your Google Search – Google removed the option for you to do it yourself, but this […]

Bots Really Like Me Now

I have no clue what happened, but two days ago Yahoo! and MSN started crawling my site like crazy. I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary but it seems like something clicked on my site. So its been like this for about two days; I’ll see how long it lasts…and hopefully Google will join […]

Hyperlocal SEO Tips

Struggling to beat out your competitors on a national scale is tough to do – taking them on locally ain’t so tough! You just have to know what to do. Optimizing your content, but especially the markup of your page, is crucial to succeeding in dominating your local search results. GeoRSS Adding semantics to your […]

Microsoft’s Failure at Owning Their Keywords

TechCrunch posted earlier today on the irony of Apple owning the first two results for the Google search “i’m a pc”. This is a lesson to be learned. Own your own brand, your products, and even those of your competitors in the search engines. Microsoft could have easily created a site dedicated to the idea […]