How to Add the Facebook Like Button to Hybrid

Yesterday Facebook announced a slew of new features to make the web even more social. One of the plugins they released was the Facebook like button. If you’re using WordPress and the Hybrid theme, here’s how to easily add the button to each of your posts:

TXT File Code (WordPress strips out iFrames so I can’t post it directly here)

That adds the button to the end of your posts when on individual blog posts. Add that code to your functions.php file.

Try out my like button below!

Props to Ruhani for urlencode.

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Patrick Daly

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  • Craig

    Awesome Patrick!,

    I am a little ambivalent on the need for so much facebunk integration, but it is almost unavoidable as I have seen most of my clients spending a heck of a lot more time updating facebook than their kickbutt Hybrid websites.

    Anyway thanks for this I am sure plenty of people will be using this code.


    • Patrick Daly

      I’m kinda in the same boat. I ignored Facebook for a while because I only ever used it for personal stuff. But in the past few months I’ve seen stat after stat about how so much traffic comes from FB. I figured I might as well try to milk it as well.

  • Ian Abblett

    Hiya Patrick, just wanted to let you know —
    This worked great for me. A simple copy&paste of your code did the trick.

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  • Tony Cecala

    Sweet! Works like a charm! Thanks Patrick!
    See you at DFWWP tomorrow?
    The topic is “design”.

    • Patrick Daly

      Can’t make it tomorrow, though it sounds like a good one.

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  • Ash Blue

    So I’m guessing this should work with any properly coded WordPress theme?

    • Patrick Daly

      Any properly coded Hybrid-based WordPress theme. You can easily change the action hook up to make it work for 99% of any WP themes.

  • Ricky Buchanan

    Thanks for this – I used a combination of your code and Patrick’s from the Hybrid Club forums to avoid the iframe and it’s working great on my test site.


  • Jeremy Young

    Hey Patrick,
    That was way to easy to set up.
    Looking forward to the Devpress launch, any updates?

    • Patrick Daly

      How’s this for vague: we’re closing in.

  • Wordpress Set Up Service

    Thank you very much Patrick! I like this post ;)