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New Lead Maverick Site Launched

Yesterday we finally launched the redesigned main site for Lead Maverick. Previously it looked like we were selling software…from 1993. Now we’ve updated the look and feel but the content as well. Hopefully we better represent what we’re selling now.

I really enjoyed getting to improve on the look and feel of the company. I felt really held down by the impression left with others when they would visit the old design. Now, I’ll be much more quick to send people to the site, rather than try to explain everything myself. I’m excited to see what our current customers’ reactions are!

Full Site Portfolio

Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial

Crowne Plaza Invitational at ColonialThe Crowne Plaza Invitational website was the online headquarters for the 2008 Crowne Plaza Invitation at Colonial, won by Phil Mickelson. The home page went through, and continues to go through, many changes to accommodate new marketing efforts. We easily achieved this with tabs that could easily be swapped out with new content including RSS feeds, score updates, advertisements, and other PGA happenings.

Website: Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial

Platform: Ecordia

Design By: Rassai Interactive


Do You Always Feel Like You Want to Start A New Project?

I do.

Nearly everyday I have a new idea of something I’d like to build. Most of these are quasi-doable, while others stem from frustration and are pretty much impossible. Some ideas are:

  • local social music sites (ahem, hearDenton…still on the the very last back burner)
  • software that tracks drivers’ bad driving and penalizing them for it (maybe sending their stats to their insurance companies – also, not a project for me…I’m a web guy)
  • a site to compile LOTS of information on good worship songs (I started this and accidentally deleted…oh well)
  • a more stream-lined CMS solution built on WordPress
  • build a premium WordPress theme
  • turn the Shuttle design into a real theme

The list could go on. The point, though, is that I always have this feeling of wanting to accomplish another project. Of course I’m prevented by time mostly. If only I didn’t have to work full-time. One day…

So do you feel like this?


We Are Microsoft

I’m setting up with my team right now at the We Are Microsoft Charity Coding event. Basically, a bunch of volunteers are here building websites and applications for non-profits in the course of one weekend. At the end, we’ll be judged and winners will be chosen. Better yet, 15 non-profits will have greatly benefited from the efforts of so many volunteers.

My particular organization is North Dallas Shared Ministries. We’re redeveloping an intranet application that powers their medical record keeping. I’m excited to get rolling!


Thinking About the WordPress Admin Panel

This week the WordPress team announced that a new admin panel is going to be implemented into the next release, 2.5.

Well, I’m pretty disappointed in the new design. What confuses me even more is that the overwhelming support for the Shuttle design seems to have been completely ignored, and instead, WordPress’ attention was put into a poor attempt at a color makeover (there seem to be some new features and re-organization, but really…).

Well I contacted Khaled (Shuttle designer) to see if he would want to partner with me in actually creating the Shuttle theme. I’d love to see Shuttle in use. How about you guys?


Monthly Budget Template for Google Docs

Quicken Advertisement

With Microsoft Money, Quicken, Mint, Wesabe, Yodlee, Geezeo and many other personal finance applications on the market now its hard to see much need for a hand-made spreadsheet to manage your budget. However…

The problem: Budgeting is second-rate on everyone of the above mentioned services. Sure, they’ll tell you where you’ve spent your money, but they still aren’t really helping us with future planning. Don’t you want to project how much money you will have, rather than how much you don’t have?

The solution: Use a simple monthly budget template that does all the work for you and have your annual budget done in minutes. Period.

Google Docs Monthly Budget Template Version 1

How Can I Improve This for You? Leave a comment…

Lead Maverick

Lead Maverick – SEO Mothership

As we get (re)started here on Develop Daly I’d like to begin by letting you know a little bit about what I do.

What I Do: Front-end web design/development for Lead Maverick

What Lead Maverick Does: Search Engine Optimization for small to mid-size businesses without changing their websites

As a plug, yet an non-sponsored advertisement, let me tell you what Lead Maverick can do for you.

In April the company was incorporated and the product released in summer 2007. The product being a directory that aggregates, optimizes, localizes, and organizes your content to make it more search-engine friendly. Basically customers use our tool to put content into our application and we spit that content back out into a directory where it all the magic takes place. Its really amazing how well it works too. We see results in less than 24 hours sometimes. Results being: search terms finding our content in number 1 rankings or at least top ten.

Right now my job is to redesign everything. Starting with the primary domain – you know, the home page and main company information and such – the marketing stuff. Very very soon we’ll be launching this and all that we do will make much more sense than the current website does. Following that the focuses of everyone will be on re-working the directory and the application. I’m really excited about this because its where we get to be innovative and bar-setting.

In addition to this, I’ve picked up lots of great SEO goodies. I’ll be sprinkling them about my blog every once in a while. Thanks for your subscription!


Easy Workflow for Site Creation – Yahoo! UI (YUI)

It wasn’t long ago that I visited Yahoo!’s UI Library and thought to myself, “Why would I want to develop inside of grid and constrain myself like that?” More recently, however, I was re-introduced to the YUI and “forced” to use it. And guess what? Its not bad!

The benefits of using the YUI:

So in the short time I’ve been using it you can see that I’ve really come to like it. I suggest using this resource because at least you know that a team of professionals are getting paid to create this stuff and use it for their own company and are offering it open source. Plus 1 for Yahoo!.


Thanks to Arun Kale

UPDATE: I’m not using this theme anymore, but it’s still a great theme. I’m using my own now 🙂

Arun is the creator of my current theme (The Morning After) and runs The Masterplan. I really love this theme. Design-wise its very simple (which is hard to find actually) and still offers very unique theme traits. For example, the idea of this theme is for a magazine site to use it and feature posts, write little notes, advertise, and be very content focused. I’m using it for those features as well, just to a lesser degree.

I’ll be creating a new theme soon, but while I’m still using this one I’d like to give credit where its due.

Homepage image from The Masterplan.


Completely Revamped/Fresh Start

Well, for anyone that has been a subscriber, I’m starting over. The reasons are many – briefly stated:

  • PagesGarden hosting support sucked and only allowed 3 MySQL databases
  • I wanted to setup my blog in a folder “/blog” because of the point that Matt Cutts made in a PowerPoint about future expansion.
  • I wanted to start with fresh content
  • I’m going to be moderating several blogs and other projects and wanted to get everything in order for that
  • My site is going to be less portfolio focused and more on content (I got a job…so yeah)
  • I really wanted to organize my content in a better fashion, using a sort of magazine style theme – for the time being, thanks to The Masterplan
  • WordPress now supports tags, so I’m going to use them

So here we are on the new site. I’ll still be talking about SEO, user interface, design, WordPress, and other web-releated topics.

Also, I started for for Lead Maverick (don’t fret – I’m redesigning the site right now!) in November. We offer small to medium size businesses an SEO solution. Basically we optimize, aggregate, and localize content that customers insert into our application and we output it into a directory. Check it out – its really cool how well it works.

Hope to hear from you guys!

Disclaimer: The views expressed on my blog are not that of Lead Maverick.