Contest Prizes/Giveaways

All the time I see blogs offering prizes or giveaways for creating a theme, making a logo, or simply commenting. I’ve noticed that just about everyone of these contests offer an iPod shuffle as the grand prize – my guess is because its a iPod, but its cheap enough to give out and have people still think its really cool.

My question is this: what would be an even better prize than an iPod shuffle?

If, let’s say, I were to have some sort of contest, what would you want out of it. Assume this contest requires some time and effort (much more than posting how much you love me). Would it be enough to be blogged about being a winner in some contest? Would you like money? Would a book be good enough? Tell me what you think.

Now, bear in mind, that I’m no game show host willing to dish out $1,000,000. So, what are some other prizes comparable to an iPod shuffle (or probably even cheaper than that) that would make it worth your time to participate in a contest on my website or any other website?

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