Backups, You Better Have ‘Em

I‘m sitting on my office floor right now because I just finished installing a new hard drive and I’m waiting for Windows to reinstall.

A couple of weeks ago I noticed that when I booted up my computer I was getting a message that one of my two hard drives had failed, but everything was still working fine so I did about five minutes of research and gave up.

Then I came home from Thanksgiving to a DOS screen that told me that no bootable drive could be found. It ran some tests and eventually worked. But just about anytime I left the room I came back to the error message and it became increasingly more difficult to boot up. Then it just wouldn’t boot at all.

So, I went and bought a new drive today (Windows just finished installing, so I’ll wrap this up soon) and I’m back in business.

Thankfully on Black Friday I noticed Target was selling 1TB external hard drives for $59.99 (that’s crazy!) so I got one and as soon as I got home started backing up all my data. I already have another external HD, but it was about to max out.

In the past I haven’t been so fortunate to have all my data backed up, but I made a concerted effort to backup everything this past year and it certainly paid off.

Make sure you’re backing up your computer and your website. It’s not a lesson worth learning the hard way.

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No way, my computer crashed two weeks ago. I decided to buy a third hard drive to prevent another crash. I’m now running a daily internal backup and I have an external backup I run once a month. Seems excessive, but I’ve lost everything before and I just can’t have that happen again. Loosing data is usually like loosing teeth. On the occasion you can get them back, but a majority of the time they’re gone when they’re gone.

Had a chance to check out the “Digging Into WordPress” book? I’m really thinking of picking it up to learn more about parent and child themes.

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