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How many dreams do you get to realize in your lifetime? Ever since I’ve been comfortable coding for WordPress I’ve had the dream of working with a team as motivated and fascinated with WordPress as I am. You might be thinking to yourself, “that’s a lame dream.” If all I wanted was to work with other WP developers … sure, it’d be lame.

But the underlying requirement to such a project is the participation of the kind of people that are the best at what they do. Accepting anything less than this would simply make for another company doing the same thing as the rest.

DevPress seeks to be the very best at an array of WordPress solutions. It’s as simple as that, but such a simple statement is much weightier than it sounds. It doesn’t emphasize that we really do mean the very best.

Who are we talking about then? Who is this team of WordPress rockstars ninjas ordinary guys that plan on producing the very best WordPress design and code?

  • Justin TadlockJustin Tadlock – Founder of Theme Hybrid, Justin runs one of the most active WordPress theme frameworks and it’s community. He’s produced several well-known themes and plugins and the Hybrid theme alone has been downloaded from the WordPress repository nearly 100,000 times. He has a reputation for well-planned, clean code and will ensure all DevPress work is just as great.
  • Ptah DunbarPtah Dunbar – Another theme framework author, Ptah created WP Framework with a clear understanding of how WordPress operates. To further that, he contributed much of what you now know as the WordPress 3.0 menu system.  Ptah brings nothing less than pure WordPress and programmer expertise to DevPress.
  • Tung DoTung Do – More well known  as Small Potato, Tung is credited for being one of the first to bring premium WordPress themes to market. He ran an extremely successful marketplace for a while before deciding to take a WordPress hiatus. Since then, Tung’s design skills have only improved and he brings to DevPress some incredible looking work.
  • Patrick DalyMyself, Patrick Daly – Its a lot easier for me to brag on the three guys above. What I can tell you about me, though, is that I love “front-end engineering” or the “presentation layer” or more simply, the HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I plan on making it drop-dead gorgeous.

Between the four of us, we’re confident we’ll offer some of the best WordPress products available.

It won’t be long before we launch and there are many more details to share. So go to to be notified when we launch. You can also follow us @devpress.

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So you’re the only one who didn’t brought anything else for WordPress users. Hah! Just kidding 🙂 well I can’t wait to see this site up and running. I had a big disappointment with WP Shift 🙁

I actually asked Patrick to work with us before we formed our group. I’ve been extremely impressed with a lot of his work. He’ll be one of the top WordPress-household names soon enough. 😉

Sounds awesome! I’m of the same variety as you, ‘I love “front-end engineering” or the “presentation layer” or more simply, the HTML, CSS, and Javascript’. But that means I’ve little to contribute to the core in terms of code. You guys going to be open for contributions (via trac, github or something)? Of course you’ll be GPL judging by the membership there, so I might just have to mod and extend… 🙂

GPL, of course. We’ll certainly be happy to see people “mod and extend.” We likely won’t have an open repository, but being that we haven’t even launched yet there are many possibilities ahead of us.

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Looking forward to the launch of DevPress! Do you guys have a date in mind yet?

Talk about great timing for the launch with the #thesiswp nightmare and Hybrid hitting #4 on the WordPress theme list. Which one of the four among you guys are the psychic?

We have a date in mind … but good thing we’re good at keeping a secret! I hate building anticipation for something that eventually is overdue, so no hard date. However, we’re really close to launching.

Patrick, sounds like a good strategy.

Justin’s getting bombarded with questions lately at the hybrid forum, so I’m not sure if that will delay the launch. He was already about due for a cloning. 🙂 It’s amazing what one guy can get done in a day.

Been working on some premium themes that are Twenty Ten children. Was going to sell them on Theme Forest, but I’d rather sell them through your guys site since I know you. Any chance I’d be able to do that?

A couple of months ago I bought the Frugal theme, but was aghast at the messy menus and overwhelming difficulty in finding the right menu to perform template adjustments. I am now looking using your system, but scared that I will make the same mistake? Please advise?

I hate to judge a book by its cover but I can already tell Frugal is probably a mess … simply because the developer can’t even spell WordPress correctly (capital P) — a mistake not made by someone abreast with the WordPress community.

Rest assured that DevPress does everything the “WordPress way” which means it works as it should and will *always* work.

Besides, you can’t really make a mistake with DevPress because everything so far is free!

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