Beautiful Art

Do you ever listen to a song, and while you’re immersed in its beauty you get a rush of this feeling that you wish your work could be as perfectly complex, composed, balanced, thoughtful, and poetic?

That thought overwhelms my senses.

I’m certainly influenced by my ability to make music. I’ve been singing, playing guitar and piano, and recording for more than 20 years. Naturally I want to emulate what I’m hearing in music. But the unique aspect is that I want to feel that same accomplishment with what I do in my day job.

I used to make websites and do all kinds of tangential things. Today I only do tangential things: organizing teams that do that work. When you’re a maker (of music or websites) the craft is at your fingertips. It’s in your control. With enough time and resources you could conceivably achieve a work of art in any medium.

In my role now it may still be possible to get there. Or maybe that’s a feeling you can only get being hands on with something. Or it could just be harder. Or it could just be harder for me. At least it’s what motivates me though, the ambition to orchestrate things to beautiful outcomes.

As for beautiful art that constantly gives me this feeling, Noah Gundersen…

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