Contest Prizes/Giveaways

All the time I see blogs offering prizes or giveaways for creating a theme, making a logo, or simply commenting. I’ve noticed that just about everyone of these contests offer an iPod shuffle as the grand prize – my guess is because its a iPod, but its cheap enough to give out and have people still think its really cool.

My question is this: what would be an even better prize than an iPod shuffle?


Web Design in Denton, TX

I live in Denton, TX (Corinth, TX to be exact, but who knows where that is?!). Denton is just 45 minutes north of Dallas and Fort Worth. Things in Denton have historically been quiet, rural, or at most, minimally suburban to the bigger 2 triangle counterparts, D and FW.

Before I get to the web designing…Things are changing here. Denton is rounding out this triangle (Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton) quite nicely, or perhaps some think the rounding out is less awesome. I like the coming changes, however. Denton is becoming less of a leech to the other cities and gathering quite a crowd to place into its many newly built and yet to be built homes. The largest shopping attraction is being built as I write and is certain to bring tourism to Denton. Several corporations are moving into town, bringing more jobs, more opportunities, and more options.

For me, I’m excited about the chance that more web design work may be available here. Dallas has a great reputation for advertising, marketing, and creative services like web design. I’d rather not move to Dallas for work though. In the coming years, I’ll probably be able to stay right here and offer the traditional Dallas services right here from Denton.

Of course, I work on the Internet, a world-wide platform, but I like working with people in my community. It’s also easier and more efficient to meet with people sometimes. I always hope that my work is solving a problem, making something more efficient, or serving people in some such manner. Being able to watch that up close is more special to me, so I’ll try to keep it that way.

I may be pretty busy right now, but I’ll have more time soon to take on additional projects, and hope to serve Denton, TX more directly. Email me if you’re looking for a new web site.


Do You Always Feel Like You Want to Start A New Project?

I do.

Nearly everyday I have a new idea of something I’d like to build. Most of these are quasi-doable, while others stem from frustration and are pretty much impossible. Some ideas are:

  • local social music sites (ahem, hearDenton…still on the the very last back burner)
  • software that tracks drivers’ bad driving and penalizing them for it (maybe sending their stats to their insurance companies – also, not a project for me…I’m a web guy)
  • a site to compile LOTS of information on good worship songs (I started this and accidentally deleted…oh well)
  • a more stream-lined CMS solution built on WordPress
  • build a premium WordPress theme
  • turn the Shuttle design into a real theme

The list could go on. The point, though, is that I always have this feeling of wanting to accomplish another project. Of course I’m prevented by time mostly. If only I didn’t have to work full-time. One day…

So do you feel like this?


Thanks to Arun Kale

UPDATE: I’m not using this theme anymore, but it’s still a great theme. I’m using my own now 🙂

Arun is the creator of my current theme (The Morning After) and runs The Masterplan. I really love this theme. Design-wise its very simple (which is hard to find actually) and still offers very unique theme traits. For example, the idea of this theme is for a magazine site to use it and feature posts, write little notes, advertise, and be very content focused. I’m using it for those features as well, just to a lesser degree.

I’ll be creating a new theme soon, but while I’m still using this one I’d like to give credit where its due.

Homepage image from The Masterplan.


Completely Revamped/Fresh Start

Well, for anyone that has been a subscriber, I’m starting over. The reasons are many – briefly stated:

  • PagesGarden hosting support sucked and only allowed 3 MySQL databases
  • I wanted to setup my blog in a folder “/blog” because of the point that Matt Cutts made in a PowerPoint about future expansion.
  • I wanted to start with fresh content
  • I’m going to be moderating several blogs and other projects and wanted to get everything in order for that
  • My site is going to be less portfolio focused and more on content (I got a job…so yeah)
  • I really wanted to organize my content in a better fashion, using a sort of magazine style theme – for the time being, thanks to The Masterplan
  • WordPress now supports tags, so I’m going to use them

So here we are on the new site. I’ll still be talking about SEO, user interface, design, WordPress, and other web-releated topics.

Also, I started for for Lead Maverick (don’t fret – I’m redesigning the site right now!) in November. We offer small to medium size businesses an SEO solution. Basically we optimize, aggregate, and localize content that customers insert into our application and we output it into a directory. Check it out – its really cool how well it works.

Hope to hear from you guys!

Disclaimer: The views expressed on my blog are not that of Lead Maverick.