SEO & WordPress Tips – 3

Google’s SEO Starter Guide – Just released; a good read for all beginners

Advanced WordPress Optimization – Ten PHP and MySQL changes to speed up & secure your site

WordPress 2.7 “Trailer” – Short video about the new 2.7 interface

Writing Good Content – Guide to creating well written content

Best WordPress Plugins – Several post related plugins that are incredibly flexible


SEO & WordPress Tips – 2

SEO Credibility – Good read on so called “SEO experts”

Reputation Management via Twitter – Awesome customer service all because of Twitter

“Send This to Twitter” – WordPress snippet to add the link to your posts

High Quality WordPress Theme – Easily customizable, awesome SEO, and support

Find Spam You’re Linking To – Search operators to find spam links on your site


SEO & WordPress Tips – 1

Social Media Release Builder – Easy SMR creation and hosting

Reputation Management Theory – My YOUmoz post discussing singular vs. pluralistic link networks

How to Use Google Analytics Segementation – Easy startup guide to using Analytics’ New Features

Unpersonalize Your Google Search – Google removed the option for you to do it yourself, but this still works

ww and wwww Subdomains – Redirect to capture all link juice from link typos