Develop Daly, Version 10

I‘m pleased to announce a site re-design (RSS readers, go check it out). The previous version was fairly similar. The homepage is nearly identical, but there’s a few differences. The major change is behind the scenes…

I’ve fallen in love with Hybrid, a theme framework. Building child themes for Hybrid is easy to do and easy to maintain. The whole idea of child themes is just a wonderful advancement in the WordPress world.

My favorite improvement is the typography. Overall the fonts are more consistent, but on top of that I’m taking advantage of @font-face which allows you to embed fonts into the CSS. Its not perfect in all browsers (most noticeably Chrome, which won’t work by default). Firefox does the best job rendering the font.

The portfolio page makes room for more items. The previous version listed them in one column which eventually would have made for a pretty long page. Now they’re listed in three columns and more friendly with a thumbnail, link to an overview of the project and a link to the site itself.

The final major change I made is that I’ve finally got a place to list my WordPress themes. They’ve always been accessible somewhere, but they weren’t always easy to find.

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