FeedBurner Increases Subscriptions


So last week I activated the FeedBurner plugin for WordPress which redirects all RSS feeds to FeedBurner and allows them to serve my RSS feed and gives me access to stats and advanced features.

Redirected All Traffic to FeedBurner

What happened after that is weird. Either I had a great Saturday last week and my subscriptions doubled or these stats are fishy.

Now, to be fair I have been kind of….well…stupid with my blog in the past. I started the blog at and then I moved it to and then I moved it back to

So in the past people subscribed to all of these feeds:


I’ve used FeedBurner in the past, but when I relaunched my site two weeks ago I hadn’t enabled FeedBurner redirection.

What Might Have Happened

What might have happened here is that people were subscribed to my FeedBurner feed from years ago and they have been showing up in my FeedBurner stats forever, but then when I activated the redirection last week all of my new subscribers (to were redirected to FB and my stats went way up.

Still Interesting

What is at least intersting to me is that if the above is true my subscribers doubled in the last two weeks. Way to go team!

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