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GuessAges: A new side project

I’ve always wanted a reason to learn how to interact with Facebook’s APIs to make a social-rich website. I finally came up with the excuse.

GuessAges is a new site I’ve launched for a bit of fun, but mostly as a “can I do it?” sorta thing. The point of the site is simple and fun: find out how old you look (and help others find out the same).

The site is built on WordPress and heavily tied into Facebook. Users are required to login with a Facebook account, and then they can begin to guess the ages of other users. You can add your own photos with one catch: the only photos allowed into the system are those from your Facebook profile photos album. This helps to keep users accountable to using appropriate photos, plus profile photos are generally your better shots, right?

I’m interested in all feedback. Like I said, this was sort of an experiment. I learned a lot building this and really improved by programming skills, which I only dabble in as a front-end developer. From talking to Facebook’s API to creating standard deviation formulas to figure out how accurate you are at guessing I feel pretty good about what I was able to accomplish.

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