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WP Full Site Banner - WordPress theme for your small business

Major theme update: Version 2

Stumbling across this theme may finally be your answer to one of the most frequently asked questions about WordPress — where can I get a theme that caters to the needs of my small business?

Here! That’s where. WP Full site is a theme built for small businesses that want a website that enables them to use a Content Management System (CMS), have the option of a blog, and focuses on the necessities that all small business websites need.

A Small Business WordPress Theme

What exactly are the requirements of a “small business WordPress theme?”

Every business is unique, and no one can expect anything to be everything they’ve ever dreamt of, but there are some clear guidelines that a small business should adhere to with a website.

Your site should at least have:

  • An obvious way to be contacted, hence the phone number and email link at the very top of the website
  • A clear, concise call to action accompanied by an attention grabbing graphic
  • The option to have or blog or not have a blog

Make It Easy to be Contacted

WP Full Site uses one of the best practices in optimizing website conversion rates — that is, providing visitors with a quick, easy to find way to contact you.

By placing the phone number and a link to your email (or contact form) in the top right hand corner of your site visitors will always be able to find how to contact you. You don’t want to ever frustrate a potential customer about to be sold and have them give up because they couldn’t find the contact information!

In addition, studies show that providing customers with an easily findable phone number helps people feel more assured that you’re a legitimate business. Some people would rather call than email too — don’t lose business because they can’t find your number.

Call to Action

You’ve probably spent a lot of time thinking about how you wrap up what you’re selling into one sentence. Catch the visitor’s attention with your tagline, and then actually persuade them to convert with your customized call to action.

To Blog or Not to Blog

These days blogging is pretty highly suggested — one of the reasons you’re probably already considering WordPress. Blogging can help keep your customers stay involved in your business, increases your search engine visibility, and can position your company as an expert in your field.

Though blogging has it’s benefits, you may not have the time or interest to keep up with a blog. For you, WordPress is still a great option!

WordPress doesn’t have to be used as a blog. If you already love WordPress though and don’t want to find another CMS this theme is quite helpful in your pursuits.

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Do you think we could get the PSD file for this template? I would like to make some color changes to match more our logo.

@Joe W. check back later today and I’ll post it for you.

@Renato I guess I should include that info in the theme, but let’s go with GPL – in other words, anything goes! I’d appreciate the link back though (but you don’t have to).

Fantastic theme, and its so versatile – i can see myself easily modifying this for businesses.

I used Revolution Business theme quite a bit, but its always good to have a few different themes in your arsenal when clients come knocking 😉

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been looking for a good theme for my small business. I can’t afford the premium themes that are out there. I’ll be looking at this more tonight!

@Mike I’m glad I could help. I really want this theme to be as versatile and high quality as other themes out there that you have to pay for.

If anyone runs into any problems, shoot them my way.

Found a bug… I have a few parent pages, but then several child pages under the parent. The preview showed all of my pages in the top menu, completely ruining the design. Shouldn’t you just show the parent pages on the main page?

Hey Patrick!!

Great work on that theme. You’ve left enough room in your header for some great header design.

If you want, I could design some alternative headers for you? Any upcoming themes you have just let me know. 😀

Patrick, I appreciate your generosity providing this quality theme, thankyou.

I notice that both the “DOWNLOAD” and the “Download PSD” links are to the same file.
The logo in it is a .png graphic, not a .psd?

Is this changable in the way a psd is?

Thanks again,
John W


Fantastic looking theme, I clicked on the Download tab expecting to be taken to a screen where I would need to input my payment details, to discover that the theme is free!

My problem is, I’ve tried it on a couple of sites, and am getting the error message “Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_page_menu() in /home/member/domains/ on line 30”

I’m sure it’s something I’m doing wrong, but don’t know what.

Thanks again,


Please feel free to delete my previous comment. I have upgraded my WordPress sites to the latest version and your theme is working fine.

Thanks again for such a great theme.


@John W That was my bad…I changed the link to download the PSD now, so just use that instead of the PNG. The PNG isn’t much different from a JPEG or GIF – in this case it is transparent though.

@Dan Sorry I couldn’t get back to you earlier…glad you found the problem. I’ll leave your comment for anyone else with the same problem.

I’ve noticed that if the logo is bigger than the logo you’ve included (for example, above 60px tall), it pushes the navigation to the right in firefox. I’ve increased the height of #title-contact to 100px and it places the nav back where it should be, but it may be something you want to look at for people who want larger logos at the top.


I like your theme so I downloaded it and it looks like it functions well with WP-e-commerce plugin. YAY! Can’t seem to figure out how to get my logo up though. Lil’ help?

Greetings Patrick,
I’m currently modding up your nifty theme for a fairly unusual client. The dev site is “”

I’m hoping to take this site live in a couple of weeks, but i’ve got a “how to make wordpress do this” kind of question if you’re up for it.

It has to do with styling the headers in the sidebar. I need to have the headers below “nearby businesses” to be h4’s or something along those lines. I figured out how to change all the H levels, but i’m stuck how to make selective changes. And, as you might expect, the client LOVES being able to add new local businesses simply by adding a link in the WP admin interface… so changing the sidebar to something hard-coded isn’t really an option.

@Jeremy Here’s what I would do. Add another “dynamic sidebar” in the sidebar (so you’ll have “Sidebar 1” and “Sidebar 2”). Essentially, they’re stacked on top of each other and you can use Sidebar 1 for the table of contents, office hours, etc. and then use Sidebar 2 for the Nearby Businesses.

In the function.php file you can change the default template for each widget.

Here’s some more info

Love the theme,

Just wanted some help, I want to remove pages from the header bar
And if possible change the order of them in the widgets page panel.
just wondering if you can help?

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