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Jared Rey BlogJared has been one of my good friends for a while, and when he started getting serious about photography he wanted a custom designed blog so he came to me. He actually had already put together a design he wanted to go with and just needed my help making it come to life.

Included in Jared’s site are a few little features that you may not notice unless they’re pointed out. All of so-called “pages” are navigated to from the menu but are also viewed in the menu. Instead of clicking on the About page and going to a whole new page, for example, the menu drops down and displays all of the information normally displayed on the full About page. This keeps navigation simple and simplifies the entire site. Jared wanted comments to be quickly viewable, so if you want to see the comments, click the link and they drop down – again, avoiding a page refresh and interrupting the flow of the site.

Website: No longer online

Platform: WordPress

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