MOO Does Customer Service Right

Nowadays the customer isn’t always right. Legend has it that once upon a time businessmen and customers were honesty, upright, and hard working. Since then, however, businesses mostly just choose the quickest way to earn a dollar…at whatever cost.

Well, there’s still a company out there doing things really well. MOO.

A couple of weeks ago I submitted by business cards to be printed by MOO — a pretty cool company that offers really simple, yet creative ways of doing business cards and other things.

I was so excited when I opened the package from them. Then it sucked.

The cards were black background with dark gray text — exactly what I’d ordered, but not what it looked like when I used my printer. Obviously I didn’t play it very safely by doing dark on dark.

The cards are useless now. No one can read them.

Well, I emailed MOO and explained my stupidity but also made mention that on my screen and on the paper I’d printed on the cards looked great.

Twelve hours later Ricardo emailed me to tell me that because their cards have a matte laminate it cuts down on the brightness. Then he gave me a coupon for a free print. Thanks Ricardo!

So now I’ve reprinted my cards with the changes and hope to have some beautiful cards in the mail next week.

Preemptive Reputation Management

This also goes to show that treating customers right can go a long way. I’m by no means a world famous blogger, but MOO is getting free press out of this and avoiding the need for reputation management down the road.

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@Drew thanks for the kind words. I launched the site a little more quickly than I was prepared for and haven’t quite finished it up. I big on standards-based web design too, so I’ll certainly be validating that code soon!

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