How to Add the Facebook Like Button to Hybrid

Yesterday Facebook announced a slew of new features to make the web even more social. One of the plugins they released was the Facebook like button. If you’re using WordPress and the Hybrid theme, here’s how to easily add the button to each of your posts: TXT File Code (WordPress strips out iFrames so I … Continue reading “How to Add the Facebook Like Button to Hybrid”

Scribe SEO Review

This is the most biased Scribe SEO review you’ll ever read. Why? Well, for one, I designed and developed Secondly, I had a hand in the development of the Scribe platform. That said, bias isn’t all that bad. In fact, in this case it just allows me to give you a magnified review of … Continue reading “Scribe SEO Review”


Scribe is a unique tool that allows online publishers to analyze and optimize their content on the fly. Traditional SEO tools don’t integrate so seamlessly with the creation of the content. That’s why its perfect for web writers, bloggers, affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs. Scribe is a WordPress plugin combined with an API that allows you … Continue reading “Scribe”

Trial: Five $300 PSD > Child Themes

I generally spend most of my time consulting and designing custom sites, but not everyone needs that service. For the rest, a decent design conversion fits the bill. There’s plenty of PSD to WP conversion companies out there, but none that tailor to child themes, specifically. So I’m giving this a test run. The first … Continue reading “Trial: Five $300 PSD > Child Themes”

What is Your WordPress Experience Level?

The most successful marketers have one thing in common — they know their audience. Unfortunately, I’ve taken my site in so many directions over the years that my audience has consistently changed, rather than consistently grown. So that’s mistake #1 that I made. Mistake #2 is that since I’ve decided on the general goal of … Continue reading “What is Your WordPress Experience Level?”

Safe to Use @font-face Yet?

If you’re not familiar with @font-face yet don’t fret. For years web-safe fonts have been the only easily used fonts for web designers. Along the way, Flash and image alternatives have been made up to accommodate the barren typographic landscape of the web. The obvious reason for lack of web-safe fonts is that displaying a font on a website … Continue reading “Safe to Use @font-face Yet?”

WordPress Tips 2010

For the past two years I’ve give ten tips on how to better use WordPress so I wanted to continue the tradition. This time, however, I’m taking a bigger picture look at the WordPress horizon. These “tips” are less tangible than adding a snippet of code to a template or installing a new plugin. Still, you’ll surely find them helpful for understanding WordPress more as well as keeping up with the always evolving software.

CSS Video Tutorials

I‘m pretty excited to announce the availability of a new series of video tutorials on CSS. Together with O’Reilly, we’ve put together (what we think) a unique set of tutorials that make learning CSS easy. Instead of reading a book this time, we’ve made it easy to watch 2-7 minute video clips on specific topics … Continue reading “CSS Video Tutorials”

How I Backup Everything

After my incident last week I was glad I’d just recently started backing everything up automatically. I figured it’d be a good tip to share. First of all, this is only for PC users, sorry. Your best friend here is SyncToy. There’s lots of backup tools out there, but most aren’t free. If they are, then … Continue reading “How I Backup Everything”