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Revisiting my development environment

Below is a graphical representation of what I’m proposing as a new development process/environment for my larger WordPress sites. I want your feedback.

This doesn’t include all the details. For instance, WordPress configuration files have to be customized for each server, database usernames should be specific to each environment, etc. But should this flow work?

WordPress Development Process

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Hi. Chris from Beanstalk here. Noticed your tweet and wanted to follow up. This process looks great. I know that WordPress can be tricky when it comes to themes and plugins, but as long as they are consistent it should be fine. Are you using any post deploy ssh or web hook tools to customize environments or configs?

No hooks at this point. I’m committing the wp-config file with the DB credentials for production, and ignoring a local-config file in each environment. The only untouched piece of this process is database synchronization.

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