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How to Add the Facebook Like Button to Hybrid

Yesterday Facebook announced a slew of new features to make the web even more social. One of the plugins they released was the Facebook like button. If you’re using WordPress and the Hybrid theme, here’s how to easily add the button to each of your posts:

TXT File Code (WordPress strips out iFrames so I can’t post it directly here)

That adds the button to the end of your posts when on individual blog posts. Add that code to your functions.php file.

Try out my like button below!

Props to Ruhani for urlencode.


Trial: Five $300 PSD > Child Themes

I generally spend most of my time consulting and designing custom sites, but not everyone needs that service. For the rest, a decent design conversion fits the bill.

There’s plenty of PSD to WP conversion companies out there, but none that tailor to child themes, specifically. So I’m giving this a test run.

The first five requests I get will be $300. Send the tweets out and let your friends know about this deal because it won’t last long.

What you get:

  • A custom Hybrid child theme
  • One home page and one interior page
  • W3C Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict/CSS
  • IE 7+, Firefox, Safari, Chrome compatibility
  • SEO Code, Load Speed Optimization

In addition, I’ll be turning the designs around in one day each. Meaning, you’re likely to get your site the next day and, at most, five days later.


Just visit the Contact page and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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Hybrid Byline Plugin 0.1 Beta

If you’ve ever used the Hybrid theme and tried to do much customization of the code you may have been somewhat frustrated if you don’t understand how to use hooks. That’s ok, they’re not for everyone. Hybrid is still an excellent theme framework though, but you just need to know how to utilize it. One of those ways is adding additional features to it that make it easier for the end user, while keeping it simple for developers and bloat-free.

A common question about modifying Hybrid is how to change the byline. It’s the part below the post or page title that says states the author, date, etc. Until now, you’ve needed to be PHP savvy (or at least know how to edit a PHP file).

What can it do?

This plugin will add new options to the “Hybrid Settings” page that’s already under your “Appearance” tab in the WordPress backend (assuming you’re using Hybrid!).

Hybrid Byline Plugin Settings
Hybrid Byline Plugin Settings

This is what you’ll see after you install and activate the plugin. By default, the checked boxes reflect the current byline settings that Hybrid uses. It gives you the ability to add categories or the number of comments to your post byline. You’ll also notice that you can add the author and date to pages as well. One extra addition is that you can choose to add nofollow to the post author link (a possible SEO benefit).

Possible Future Features

The plugin is brand new and can certainly use some other features.

  • Change the date format
  • Change the text before the author and between the author and date (i.e. “by” and “on”)
  • Select whether the author name links to the author’s archive or website URL
  • Choose where the byline appears
    • Currently the byline changes will be reflected in all areas the loop is run (i.e. posts page, archives, category pages, etc.)

It’s in beta!

Download Hybrid Byline Plugin

I haven’t fully tested this yet, so I don’t advise using it on a live site just yet, but I would appreciate any feedback.

Please use the forums to alert me of any bugs or ideas about how to improve the plugin.

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New Theme: Boxpulse for Hybrid

BoxpulseAnother day, another theme. Whew…I’m worn out now, but I’ll give you the details before I take a break.

This theme includes a template for using a full-width slider, a feature often asked for by the Hybrid community. Check out all the details and demo the theme at the Boxpulse page.

WordPress Themes

New Theme: WP Full Site for Hybrid

WP Full Site ThumbnailJust earlier today I wrote that I’d be releasing a new version of WP Full site. I got pretty excited afterward and got to work.

Go on, check out the new WP Full Site, which is now a child theme of Hybrid.

WordPress Themes

What’s In Store for Develop Daly

With the recent redesign of the site I made it clear that the Hybrid theme has been wonderful to me. Since I began using it I’ve built all client sites upon it and plan on doing that from here on out. Theme frameworks in general are the best thing for WordPress since I’ve been around.

Its also given me the motivation to get back into theme development. Building child themes (why child themes are so great) is a bit different than the usual process. You normally have to build templates for every page and take into consideration lots of things pertaining to standards, SEO, plugin compatibility and the such. With child themes, the process is a lot heavier on the design and usability and much less on the development. This is certainly helpful in creating beautiful themes.

WP Full Site’s Future

While this theme has been good to a number of people I’m not particularly pleased with it. Its purpose is fitting for lots of uses though, so I’m not getting rid of it completely. However, soon I’ll be discontinuing the 1.x branch and releasing version 2 which will be a child theme of Hybrid.

Why is this a good idea?

  • Flexibility (at the moment Hybrid already has 18 different page templates!)
  • Hybrid-specific plugins that are super high-quality
  • You can upgrade Hybrid when new version comes out to get more functionality without breaking your site
  • Already available in numerous languages
  • It’ll be part of the large Hybrid community

This will be the case for all new themes, not just WP Full Site.

This Site’s Future

In general, I’m bringing back some life to this site. Its become quite stale. I’ll be making some effort to post more, post better content, and offer more and more to the WordPress community.


I’ve got projects spread out all over the place, some you’ve never heard of simply because I didn’t do a great job of making them available.

Roping everything back into this site will greatly benefit everyone. For me, I’ll be able to more closely tend to everything. For you, access to all things ‘Develop Daly’ will be a click away.


Because of the lack of consolidation, its been easy to neglect things I wish I would have and could have supported better. So, I’m in the process of setting up a forum where I’ll provide support for each of my themes.

I Need Your Help

Honestly, I need a kick in the butt sometimes. To a fault, I’m motivated by the needs of others and when I feel unnecessary I lose interest. I really love…love being part of the WordPress community and offering my help where I can. So keep me going by asking for help when you need it, letting me know you enjoy my work, and even critiquing it. I’d love to improve where I can, so let me know where I can!

For You Paying Clients…

Everything above is mostly aimed at the community. However, I’m working on a better process of doing client work as well. Hopefully, I’ll have a private client section soon. The goals of this new area will be to manage projects, view progress, and provide premium support.

This is in an early stage at this point. I’m still trying to figure out how all these pieces should work together and what’s even necessary. Any feedback on this would be appreciated!

Seriously, Invite Your Friends!

All of these goals won’t be possible without community! So, bring it on, invite your friends and help me kick-start the re-birth of Develop Daly!