Lead Maverick

We’re Hiring A .net Programmer

The company I work for, Lead Maverick, is a growing startup. Currently, we have 7 employees and we’re looking to add another. We need a senior level (or at least very experienced) .net programmer. Our atmosphere is very laid back, but we’re all passionate about what we do. We’re building the best product out there and are really having fun with it. We’ve got so many ideas though! So we need more help and we need it fast.

In a few words, we offer a product that is so well optimized that we generate leads for small to medium-sized businesses. Customers input content, we add our magic formula, and they perform better in search engines. Here is a more detailed explanation of what Lead Maverick does.

What: C# ASP.NET Developer
When: Now or as soon as you can!
Where: Addison, TX
How: Contact me and I’ll get you more information

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