You probably landed on this page from a link to my site about a theme or plugin I created in my past. It’s been many years since I created those and I’ve long since stopped supporting them. There are better options nowadays so I wouldn’t recommend using those projects as-is. However, they’re all open source and you’re welcome to improve or fork them as you see fit!

I still love WordPress (this site is WordPress), but my job and time haven’t allowed me to be an active contributor like I once was.

My WordPress.org and Github profiles list some of the themes and plugins I created.

Some of the themes I released:

  • Malleable
  • States
  • WP Full Site
  • Boxpulse

Some of the plugins I released:

  • Stock Tools
  • Email
  • Library
  • Hybrid Byline

Other WordPress projects I released:

  • VoteDenton
  • Control
  • NerveTask
  • WordPress Project Management
  • DevPress
  • WordPress for Enterprise
  • Hybrid Enterprise

If you’re looking for WordPress development in Denton, TX I’m not actively taking new clients.